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Every time I am in the process of being wooed away from binary thinking, "us" vs. "them," and the profound sense that conservatism isn't a politics so much as a character issue, I am brought back to reality with a thump.

Obviously the outing of Canadian Cynic has, for many, induced a quite understandable Schadenfreude. He has the knack--I'd say the gift--of getting well under the skin of the smug, the stupid and (I apologize for the tautology) the right-wing. He tweaks the unkempt bristles of yahoos, scourges grunting knuckle-draggers, mocks unibrows and is merciless with gun-totin', whittlin', racist rednecks who hang out in the fetid swamps of Small Dead Animals
and other even danker and oozier places, where pedophile-enablers and stalkers dwell.

I don't blame some, then, for feeling what I felt when Arnie Lemaire ("Blazing Cat Fur") was outed. It wasn't right, but it felt so good. (I never knew who Warren Kinsella's other outee, "skippy stalin," was until I read all about it at his place. It appears that "stalin" was going real-world and trying to hurt WK's business. Mess. Bull. Horn.)


The Right is never content merely to attack. Some of them literally shoot to kill. I have posted before about the eliminationist bent of American conservatism, and sourced my quotes. Our side can be unkind, but we don't shoot up churches, murder doctors, launch a full-gun attack inside museums, etc., etc.

And we don't go after people's families. Or threaten physical violence. Or try to destroy their livelihoods.

"Christians" like SUZANNE, misogynistic stalking creeps like Richard Evans, and their allies, on the other hand, have posted CC's photograph, personal information about his place of residence, and have threatened his livelihood.

The following quotes--and I have screenshots--are all too typical of this element of the Right. The seething, maggoty inner lives of these people is bursting forth. Judge for yourselves.

If he loses his job, and his family suffers, he's got nobody to blame but himself.

I think Bobby's life is about to get real interesting, as all the people he's shit on horribly over the years get the opportunity to meet him in person. Some of them are much bigger in person than they are on the interweb.

and you've gotta wonder how cesspool's employers are gonna be with his, ah... innovative theories... about the prime minister of canada being bought off by that evil, all controlling z.o.g.

Heck, I'm very tempted to cull together all of his positively egregious statements, comments, and postings send it to his workplaces.

I’ve stated this before: “There are numerous internet organizations that track males who use the net to abuse women and children” and you merit a spot on their list you filthy pig.

I also think women should be issued a .38 and extensive self defense training at 16, so they don’t have to worry about perverts like Robbie bothering them.

What a classy bunch. And artful, too: transmuting their assorted mental and moral deformities into a recognizable and surprisingly coherent politics. Meet the conservative base, folks--and I do mean base.

UPDATE: Aw, PZ Myers says it so much better.

[H/t CC, and again]

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