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  • My perennial sparring partner Jay Currie goes way out on a limb in his continuing vendetta against CHRC head Jennifer Lynch. I'd advise readers to go read her words--and the comments--for themselves. Shouting "Liar!" in a crowded theatre isn't exactly a refutation, Jay. Even the dense Blazing Cat Fur showed up @4:34 PM to admit that there's no evidence that CHRC employees posted hateful comments on the Internet.

    The comments on the Lynch piece--mostly namecalling and bad spelling--are a different story, and say far more about the mindset of the Speech Warriors™, in fact, than anything I could write myself. I see, by the way, that I have to take back my statement yesterday about the CHRC abandoning Dean Steacy to the libelers and defamers--Lynch did rise to his defence in her article, if not in a particularly spirited fashion.

  • Kat-fight! Ritual cannibalism, after all, is no laughing matter.

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