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Marooned off-white Canadians: next!

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That would be Abdihakim Mohamed. Check out today's audio clip from CBC's The Current.

He's been marooned in Kenya for three years--thanks to that same Canadian High Commission in Nairobi that's been in the news recently. Yup, Mohamed's an "impostor," too. Passport photo. You know the routine.

But now, by no coincidence, bloodied officials have decided that maybe he is who he is. Since the first CBC clip on Mohamed aired a few weeks ago, they have approached Mohamed's mother, Anab Issa Mohammed. Her Ottawa lawyer, Jean Lash, sounds optimistic. Wheels seem to be moving.

Earlier on,
it was quite a different story. Abdihakim Mohamed had offered up his DNA, just like Suaad Hagi Muhamed, but no one seemed very interested. Instead, Passport Canada officials, with casual bureaucratic brutality, asked his frantic mother to tell them who he really was.

The CBC's request for interviews was refused by Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon, his Parliamentary Secretary
Deepak Obhrai and Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs. The usual lordly arrogance we have come to expect of Harper's ministers? Quite possibly, but more likely at this point it's simply a case of avoiding the public view. To be fair, if I were those people at the moment I'd be scrambling for cover as well.

Mohamed, too, like Suaad Hagi Mohamud and Abousfian Abdelrazik, has had the benefit of media advocacy. But, as I've asked before, how many more exiles out there have not?

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