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Shameless: Foreign Affairs and the Harper government

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Two items of more than passing interest to those following the Harper government's creation of a tiered citizenship system:

Suaad Hagi Mohamud, recently allowed to return home after being marooned in Kenya, appeared before an emergency meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee earlier this week--and was immediately subjected to a disgraceful attack by Conservative MPs Peter Goldring and Brian Jean. Regarding the public disclosure of official reports on her treatment that have not even been written, they demanded that she waive her privacy rights on the spot. Their grubby little innuendo is obvious--they were hinting that she has something to hide.

Abdihakim Mohamed will be grudgingly permitted to come home after more than three years of mistreatment at the hands of Foreign Affairs officials. Will he get a passport? Um, well, no. He'll get only a one-way travel document:

Passport Canada still questions Mohamed's identity, which is why it will only issue emergency documents.

"Where has Abdi gone if it's not Abdi?" said Issa of her son, who she says has been living with family in constant fear of Kenyan police and in need of treatment.

Issa's ordeal began in 2006, two years after she took her son to Somalia to be with his grandmother at the request of a doctor who said it would be good for Mohamed to be in the company of family. When Issa returned to Canada, she says she accidentally had Mohamed's passport in her purse and border officials in Toronto confiscated it.

When Mohamed's grandmother got sick in 2006, Issa decided to bring him home. She applied for a new passport for Mohamed, but was denied. She then went to Nairobi to seek a passport with her son.

"I told them I am his mother. They told me I was not his mother," she said.

Issa has supplied several affidavits from friends and family attesting to Mohamed's identity. [emphasis added]

What a sordid, sorry, genuinely creepy bunch. I fear for that kitten.

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