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The "Raphael Alexander" entity speaks:

Seven years in prison without trial is certainly a lengthy incarceration without due process, and I am concerned that we may never get to see Omar Khadr’s day in court. Having said that, this is still a man 22 years of age who, if released in the next few years, would still have his entire life to make amends with his fellow Canadian citizens, to whom he has brought shame and embarrassment. [emphasis added]

Seven years without trial--and still guilty.

But it gets better:

This once-aspiring terrorist has been practically transformed by the media into some kind of victim, his treasonous collaboration glossed over, his youth constantly dredged up in defence of his apparent lack of moral compass. Not once have we heard of young Omar expressing a shred of remorse for his crimes, alleged or otherwise. [emphasis added]

Perhaps we could be happy for now with alleged remorse?

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