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…Speech Warriorâ„¢ style.

An email from Connie Fournier, of Free Dominion:

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

I’m warning you now, Begley [sic], that if you continue to try to smear me with this “Nazi” crap, it’s going to get ugly.

We can spar on the internet all you want, but if you try to ruin my realworld reputation with lies and half-truths, the gloves will be off.


What brought this on? I was challenged at Jay Currie’s place (fun thread, by the way, the best and the brightest are obviously loose upon the nation) to come up with evidence that Nazis in Canada exist. I suggested that, for a start, those interested might want to go through Connie Fournier of Free Dominion, as she has worked closely with Marc Lemire, the former head of the Heritage Front.

It might have been better, on reflection, to have used the word “collaborated” rather than “worked closely,” which implies physical proximity, and employed the past tense as I do here.

During the Warman v. Lemire proceedings, Lemire furnished the Fourniers with computer expertise. And now here is Connie in full gush mode. She would certainly know how to contact Lemire.

Anyhow, I wrote back:


I don’t work with former Heritage Front honchos, so I have no idea to what “glass houses” you are referring.

I hope you spell my name right in your Statement of Claim.

Looking forward to it.


To which she responded (best to read the last paragraph with a stage-Gestapo accent):

I don’t, either, and you know it.

I won’t be filing a statement of claim. There are other less expensive and more effective ways of dealing with anonymous internet liars.


And then my computer crashed!

The most unforgivable part of her communication, in any case, was to confuse me with the apparently semi-senile John Begley, a former buddy of the late, unlamented Doug Collins. He dribbles over at Jay’s from time to time, and has apparently taken quite a dislike to me.

Just another edifying day in the blogosphere. I guess I’ll have to sleep with one eye open for a while. :)

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