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Fernando Manuel Alves: "What you did, sir, was reckless...

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...but not something that shows some pathological danger to the community; indeed, the contrary. It was an opportunistic event...".

Judge Gregory Rideout's Reasons for Sentence in the Fernando Manuel Alves case are now public. Thanks are due to a couple of commenters here who urged me onward, and a senior journalist with the Vancouver Sun who brought his newspaper's resources to bear.

The victim of the sexual assault to which Alves pleaded guilty suffered a broken nose, as well as the following:

She reported by way of injuries that her shoulders were tender and bruised. There was [sic] some bruises on her legs and the back of an arm. Her nipples were sore and bleeding. There was also significant pain and swelling to the vaginal area and there was some blood in the urine. It is indicated in Exhibit A that over the two weeks following the incident that her eyes became black. She had no recollection how the injuries were received which injuries are detailed in appendix B.

None of this warranted, in Judge Rideout's opinion, a single day in jail. He referred to the savaging of this woman as "rough play."

The floor is yours.

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