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Readers will note that, in general, I raise topics in the news, comment on them and invite debate. I don't spend a lot of time these days at the bottom of the blogospheric lake where the mudfish slurp and spawn. But every now and then an example of mudfishery arises that is simply too perfect, too complete in and of itself, too instant-classical to ignore.

Ladies and germs, I give you--Patrick Ross, he of the blog that is, to all intents and purposes, eponymous.

If anyone wants to watch the rapid self-demolition of a mudfish,
as I did with with clinical fascination, go here. Read. Read it all. Take notes. Plot graphs. Enjoy, or, if you are ultra-humane, commiserate. Either way, this is not to be missed. That is all.

[H/t CC.]

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