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Vancouver Olympics--the sinicization continues [updated]

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VANOC is at it again with its lead-gloved hand. Performing artists are just learning about a condition of their contracts: no negative comments about the Olympics or its corporate sponsors are permitted.

And now the Globe and Mail has deep-sixed the original story!

UPDATE: Reader Frank Frink notes that the story is still on-line here. (This may be a time-limited offer, so hurry.) Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the RCMP are on the job, squelching freedom of speech in Antigonish.

UPPERDATE: (November 27) And now the uniformed censors of the Canadian Border Services Agency muscle in. Since when do our customs and immigration officials get to interrogate journalists about stories they might be planning to write?

Today, it's all about the Olympics. But if various state actors are permitted to get away with this, someday we might be remembering Vancouver 2010 "security" measures as a dry run.


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