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Aw heck, it's Christmas shopping week, and blogging is necessarily light. I must needs fall back, therefore, on that old standby, internecine blogospheric contention.

Kate McMillan, of Small Dead Animals, sends me a threatening note:

Without prejudice

Via google alerts, as I don't actually read your site:

"I've already noted Best Blogger Kate McMillan's approving reference yesterday to the murder of journalists..."

You'd better find evidence of my "approval" pretty damned quickly or retract that statement.


To which I responded:

Re: Without prejudice

Hey, Merry Christmas, Kate!

The reference is here:


That post, its title and the many comments that you permitted, make the
inference plain. I shall plead fair comment if you really want to go to war
over this.

Your comments at my place are always welcome.


And then, for the hell of it:


Sorry, Kate, forgot to add: when will you be issuing a retraction for this?


"Terrorist sympathizer," eh?

I won't if you won't.


An end-of-year confession, though: the truth is, I can't help liking the sheer brass of this bike-drivin', go-kart-paintin', dog-breedin', deer-huntin' momma. There, I said it. Sarah Palin with a brain. Lucky for all of us progs that she isn't in politics.

Anyway, let the chips fall where they may. I promise not to install a Pay-Pal button. :)

UPDATE: Kate bites back:

I have to say I now wonder why anyone on the right gave you so much as a passing snort when your wife passed away. I know I certainly regret it now. I had assumed you were a human being.

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