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Oh what a tangled web we weave

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...when first we practise to deceive.

Paul Koring, who digs like a woodchuck, has just given the lie to Peter MacKay's brazen claims that there is no evidence that Canadian detainee transferees in Afghanistan were tortured in captivity.

"Not a single Taliban prisoner turned over by Canadian Forces can be proven to be abused. That is the crux of the issue," said MacKay, more than once.

Underbussing of subordinates is anticipated, as an alibi is being swiftly prepared by his underlings:

"He has said what he has said based on the advice of generals and senior officials in the department," said MacKay's spokesman, Dan Dugas.

Those generals? Those senior officials?

We've seen that movie before. Time for the sequel.

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UPDATE: Reader and blogger JimBobby takes us down memory lane. "There has not been one single, solitary proven allegation of abuse of detainees...". That was MacKay in November, 2007. Is there an echo in here?

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