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The Globe and Mail's Paul Koring has won the 2009 Amnesty International Canada's Media Award for excellence in human rights journalism, for his coverage of the Abousfian Abdelrazik affair.

Koring just never let go of that one, and his digging played a major role in creating public awareness about that shameful episode in our recent history--one that has not yet ended. Now he's on Torturegate like a badger, and well might the Tories tremble.

Globe and Mail editor-in-chief John Stackhouse knows what a fine resource he has:

"Paul's dogged and highly skilled reporting is the single most important reason the government paid any serious attention to this case," Mr. Stackhouse said. "His work took time, tenacity and the support of a media company that believes in international reporting. I can't think of a better illustration of why professional journalism still matters."

Neither can I. Congratulations, Paul.

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