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East Jerusalem protest

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A sign of hope:

Once justice dwelled here. Now the settlers do, murderers of the nation's soul.

And no one utters a word, but for a few patriots. People of truth and morals who refuse to stand idly by while the state of Jewish refugees repeatedly throws Palestinian families into the street and hands their miserable homes over to bearded, blaspheming thugs.

...Israeli humanism has been reborn in East Jerusalem. We are there in the summer heat and the winter rains, shouting and calling on others to gather round, seeking both Shabbat and peace. We will not recoil from violent police officers or hotheaded harassers. We stand and pledge: We shall not be silent when Ahmad and Aysha are sleeping in the street outside their home, which has become the settlers' domain. Is that justice? Not ours! Is that law? No, it is iniquity.

...How long, Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Mayor? And why do you, judges of Israel, cooperate with the evil that threatens to destroy us? Come with us, return to the Judaism of "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not murder." Leave Sheikh Jarrah now!

Note who the author is. The protest went ahead despite opposition from the Jerusalem police.

Progressive Israeli Jews and Palestinians, standing together in solidarity against apartheid ethnic cleansing urban colonisation whatever. An optimistic note on which to mark the end of this year's IAW.

Meanwhile, in other news, the East Jerusalem house-thieves celebrated Purim by singing songs in praise of Baruch Goldstein.

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