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Sunday self-indulgence: Shaidleville

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Committed to analyzing the issues of the day rather than gritching out fellow scribblers, I've avoided of late an over-reliance on foolish conservative bloggers as grist for my mill. But it's Sunday, I'm bored
, and in the course of a thread about yours truly, commenter "truewest" over at Jay Currie's place has come up with a concept that cries out to be developed.


Most bloggers of the progressive variety have run into--or been run into by--Kathy Shaidle, whose sins are far too numerous to list. No need to recapitulate them here, I hope--Google is your friend, at least to some degree.

Anyone remember Pottersville, the alternate reality laid out before Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life? Where Frank Capra portrays what a decent American town would be like under robber-baron capitalism?

I invite readers to co-design Shaidleville. What does it look like? Who lives there? What do they do? Recreational activities? Schools? Flora and fauna? Landmarks of interest?

Let your imaginations run wild, if you have nothing better to do. We could get a new, dystopic SimCity out of this.

UPDATE: (April 12) In a post that marches over the line, die Reihen fest geschlossen (and no apologies for the reference), Wendy Sullivan/RightGirl launches a determined campaign to become Mayor of Shaidleville.

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