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Gulf oil spill - That was then; this is then

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Right. So they're just doing their very darnedest to deal with this completely unexpected environmental tragedy with their miles of boom and their top hats and their junk shots and their top kills - exactly the same useless shit that didn't work 30 years ago either.

Still, they have to tiddle about with something while the media cameras are rolling and Obama frowns on a beach.

Meanwhile according to this guy the real plume is five to seven miles away and spewing oil into the Gulf at the rate of 120,000 barrels a day. What we've all been watching is just the ancillary leak, says oil industry insider Matt Simmons, just the sideshow. It's like the drunk looking for his carkeys under the streetlight; it's not where he dropped them but the light is better there.

Today BP CEO Tony Hayward denied the existence of the large undersea plumes scientists say they've discovered.

'Plume' sounds so benign, doesn't it? Like something you might wear on your 'tophat'. Underwater oil volcano - that's what they got.

Time to revisit this idea, born out of the Exxon Valdez spill and left by commenter Neil H at The Beav :

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