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The four day indoor water feature

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TorStar provides an "artists depiction" of the $2-million indoor fake lake, aka Lake ShamWow , being built to amuse the 3,000 foreign G8 reporters unable to attend the real deal in Muskoka.
If I had two million dollars (If I had two million dollars)
Well I'd buy me a Muskoka lake (But not a real Muskoka lake - that's cruel.)
And if I had two million dollars (If I had two million dollars)
I'd build a replica of the Stock Exchange (Ooh it's all just pocket change)
And if I had two million dollars ....
Wait. Go back. They're building a replica of the Toronto Stock Exchange as well?
Plus those 3,000+ reporters? According to Greg Weston, as part of their swag they're getting free “special summit edition” BlackBerrys. All of them?
Industry Minister Tony ShamWow says we're doing all this because we're proud of our country and want to show it off..
And if I had a billion dollars, I'd buy your Gov ....
Update : Jennifer at Runesmith does the whole song.

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