Hi Ho, Hi Ho - It's Off To Taunt We Go...

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As the readership will recall, last week Arnie Lemaire (aka Blazing Cat Fur, aka the Dimmer Shaidle) was subjected to a horrific assault when some guy crossed the street and spoke sharply to him.

Despite the shock and horror this appalling jaywalking elicited among the SKABBs (the Saturday Kaffeeklatsch and Ay-rab Bashing Brigade), no charges have been laid.

I noted with amusement that Arnie got precisely what he went looking for - that the entire point of the SKABBS is to piss off Muslims week after week, taunt them into a display of anger, then scuttle home delightedly, en masse, and post the results as evidence of how dangerous these furrin bastards are.

Some respondents answered with the pious demurrer that Arnie & SKABBs were not provocateurs - that they attended these rallies as "witnesses" - a much nobler calling, to be sure.

Well, they're off again today, trying to piss off even more Muzzies at the Flotilla Protest. And here's advice from Arnie's blog on how to prepare for the demo, from "Paul":
If anyone is into doing up a placard or two, here are a few words GUARANTEED to piss the Jihad Monkey Boys off.


Now bow down and prostrate ass-high so the Mohamed the Profit of Allah the Angry Monkey God can administer his blessings.


Q. Why is a follower of Islam like a jail-house slap bitch.

A. Because he gets fucked in the ass 5 times a day and gets to like it. - Not that he has any choice in the matter.
Apart from illustrating the subtlety, eloquence and wit of the SKABBs, this certainly disabuses me of the foolish notion these yahoos attend the demos exclusively to provoke.

Point taken, Jay?

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