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The IDF executes a high school student [updated with video]

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The photograph is of Furkan Dogan
, 19*, a student at Kayseri High School who wanted to be a doctor. He was the son of Dr. Ahmet Dogan, Associate Professor at Erciyes University. Dogan was a Turkish-American dual national, with two siblings. (link link link)

He's dead.

The victim was identified as Furkan Dogan, 19, a Turkish-American. A forensic report said he was shot at close range, with four bullets in his head and one in his chest, according to the Anatolian news agency.

The New York Times, which had briefly reported this, has since excised it from its copy. All the news that fits, they print.

That's some lethal paintball gun, there, chaverim.

[H/t Lawrence of Cyberia and Rusty Idols]

UPDATE: (June 4)

I said "execution" and I meant "execution."

The nine Turkish dead were shot thirty times at close range:

The results [of the autopsies] revealed that a 60-year-old man, Ibrahim Bilgen, was shot four times in the temple, chest, hip and back. A 19-year-old, named as Fulkan Dogan, who also has US citizenship, was shot five times from less that 45cm, in the face, in the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back. Two other men were shot four times, and five of the victims were shot either in the back of the head or in the back, said Yalcin Buyuk, vice-chairman of the council of forensic medicine.

So we must assume, if we listen to the morally imbecilic hasbaraniks infesting the blogosphere at the moment, that the "terrorists" not only planned an ambush with no firearms, but decided that running backwards towards the IDF was a sensible mode of attack.

[H/t Holly Stick in the comments]

UPDATE: (June 10)

Furkan Dogan's last moments? (NB: the authenticity of this video, which appeared on Turkish newscasts today, is not confirmed.)

Meanwhile we learn, much to our shock, that the Gaza blockade isn't about security.

[H/t reader lenny]

UPPERDATE: It now appears that the video was "creatively edited."
Note: Reader "Zog" questioned the age of Dogan in the photograph, and he appears to have a point. Here is one from November 2008.

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