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An article proving once again that conservatism is not a politics, but a diagnosis:

Well, what’s the big deal about it making [the census] voluntary, then?

This question astounds statists. “Voluntary” defeats the purpose. The census is about coercion. Information is almost incidental. The long form’s function is to accustom respondents to being wards of the authorities.

Social engineers are prepared to put on a velvet glove if the Harper-government insists, but how can they plan, redistribute, regulate and expropriate without the iron fist? Long forms elicit information to serve the purposes and ideals of the centrally planned state. They have to be intrusive and obligatory.

Expense, statistical inadequacy, sample bias are all irrelevant. It's a plot. In the good old days, Hungarian ex-pat George Jonas would have appended the adjective "Communist," and mumbled about fluoridated water.

Stockwell Day was right. We walked with dinosaurs--and we continue to do so.

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