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Eggs and veggies: IOKIYAC

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Once again, it's time to juxtapose:

Ezra Levant, in his usual high dudgeon, blamed the cancellation of Ann Coulter's planned Ottawa speech on Facebook:

The protesters had bigger plans than mere heckling. Just look at their venomous Facebook page dedicated to disrupting the event: Vanessa Alexandra Peterson wrote "I wonder what the security would be like. I want to throw rotten veggies and eggs at her evil Barbie mask." Saif Latif wrote "somebody needs to throw a pie at her during her speech like they did at the University of Arizona," to which Guillaume Pelegrin replied "I hope someone will get arrested." More than 500 people on that group whipped each other up into a hateful frenzy, publicly spelling out their fantasies.

Now George Galloway is coming to Canada to speak, and here's what's being said on the blogsite of Ezra's staunch footsoldier, the Singed Minge:

Louise – (2:58 AM)
Ummm. If denial of entry was contemplated the last time due to his financial support for a terrorist organization, what makes this time any different?

If he gets in this time, have your raw eggs and rotten tomatoes ready to go.

Blazing Cat Fur – (6:34 AM)
Should be an interesting day Louise.

No word as yet from Ezra, as the Usual Suspects whip each other up into a hateful frenzy, publicly spelling out their fantasies. But I'm sure he'll be along anytime now.

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