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Globe-al porridge [updated]

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The Globe & Mail has screened out its last remaining dissident columnist, Rick Salutin. Everything from now on will be various shades of Jeffrey Simpson.

Congratulations, Grey Lady. Porridge for breakfast, lunch and supper.

UPDATE: Needless to say, the Usual Suspects are ecstatic. Why not write to John Stackhouse to let him know what you think of the purge? (It's not as though the aforementioned nutcases read the Globe anyway. Too many big words.)

UPPERDATE: (September 30) Salutin's last words, h/t reader sassy.

UPPESTDATE: An excellent article about the steady decline of the corporate media here.

AND STILL UPPER: Tabitha Southey has now been given the boot as well (h/t reader Shiner). Could her sin have been her forthright reporting about the recent G-20 police riot in Toronto, which she witnessed firsthand? Her account of cops amusing themselves by mocking mental patients, and threatening her with arrest for taking pictures, couldn't have made the Chief Magistrate very happy.

Too much truth to power for the Globe? Or just a coincidence? You decide.

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