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Alex Hundert arrested--again [re-updated]

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Is this just a test to see if the Canadian population has become sufficiently docile and compliant?

If so, it's working. No outraged crowds in the streets. Little or no media coverage.

Once, we stood for the rule of law. Now we cower as those sworn to uphold the law mock it, in spirit, word and deed.

First they came for the anarchists...

[H/t pogge]

UPDATE: (October 25) As anyone with wit suspected when this news first trickled out, the new charge is utterly bogus. Not one but two Crown attorneys claim that Hundert tried to intimidate them while he was in court last week. The poor babies were evidently so overcome with dread that it took them three days to have him charged.

I'd mouth that old cliché about bringing the system of justice into disrepute, except that there is no system of justice in Toronto at the moment--just the mailed fist of state power, exercised against a Canadian citizen in full view of the corporate media--who have, almost without exception, chosen to remain silent.

UPPERDATE: (October 26) Canada's scariest criminal mastermind™ sure did intimidate those quivering, sweating Crown attorneys--he wrote down one of their licence numbers.


And that translates into not one, but two, counts of "intimidation of a justice system participant by threat."

Anyone still want to venture the opinion that the few of us taking notice of all this are (to use the word of one sceptical commenter) "paranoid?"

As Henry Kissinger once said, "Even paranoids can have enemies." And in this case, my fellow Canadians, it's the folks sworn to uphold law and order who are the enemy.

My civil disobedience over the next few days: jotting down the licence numbers of cops and Crowns at the Elgin Street Courthouse. Maybe I'll even post them here.

[H/t reader Marky Mark]

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