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Child abuse

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Wound and torture a kid, threaten him with gang rape, cage him for nine years, and then go for another forty.

Some Austrian pedophile? Nope: American military officers dispensing American "justice."

Sick-making. But at least we'll have the pleasure of listening to
the kangaroos' heads explode and the brass buttons pop off their beribboned chests when they hear that Omar Khadr will be doing eight years instead.

Not that another day in jail could be morally justified under any known standards of justice. But this isn't about justice, of course: it's about revenge and bloody-mindedness by brass hats who would have had him shot at dawn if they'd had their druthers.

It is reported that government prosecutor Jeff Groharing told the "jury" that the world was watching. Indeed we have been. And I think we've seen quite enough.

UPDATE: (November 1) The Omar Khadr show trial.

UPPERDATE: Scott Taylor, editor of Esprit de Corps, weighs in. [H/t reader Briguyhfx]

UPPESTDATE: The plea agreement. As reader jkg notes, Khadr is enjoined (para. 2g) from pursuing litigation against his captors and interrogators. Does this include the CSIS agents who grilled him and handed their findings over to his prosecutors in flagrant violation of his constitutional rights
("any official")?

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