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From Washington, D.C., Dr. "Mad" Dawg reports:

A bitterly non-partisan crowd turned out in the US capital yesterday to mock the real world and the people who live in it. Carrying signs such as the one pictured above, each reportedly vetted by grammar Nazis Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, the participants, almost certainly fewer than the six billion claimed, listened to music by an Islamist convert and some "comedy" and then went home.

I wonder how these self-conscious boulevardiers of protest would have fared if a platoon of American soldiers who have seen gore in Iraq had parachuted down into their mincing ranks?

In better news, Andrew Breitbart is now settling in as a guest of ABC. He has an impressive record as an editor and producer of documentaries, as well as hosting a website for troubled writers. His commentary on the mid-term elections is bound to shed a ray of light on the proceedings, in which the Kenyan Hitler is about to get his comeuppance, and, if not, there are Second Amendment remedies.

Strange. I seem to recall that I once thought somewhat differently. But with my first glass of water on arrival, the scales fell from my eyes. What is wrong with these people, making fun of the political process and calling for "civil discourse?" Don't they realized there's a war on? That Islamofascism and the African in the White House are enslaving us? We're supposed to talk nicey-nice to liberal bigots who want to tear down churches, build mosques and kill our babies? Damn, that makes me mad!

I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm buying my first Uzi at the local 7/11, and a nice card for Kathy Shaidle.

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