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And speaking of Chris Bentley

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…let’s not forget Alex Hundert. He’s a person accused of causing problems at the G20, although he was arrested a day before the fun and games began. Since then he’s been arrested and re-arrested, once for speaking at a university panel discussion.

This is Ontario, 2010.

The most recent re-arrest was for jotting down the licence number of a car belonging to a Crown attorney. This was supposedly “intimidating” the poor dear, and back into stir Hundert went. He’s been sitting in jail for a month now, and may not get his next hearing until February. Merry Christmas, Alex.

There has not been a single conviction arising from the more than one thousand arrests carried out by uniformed goons a few months ago. Not one. Hundreds of charges have been dropped or thrown out.

This is a clear abuse of process. And the buck stops with Chris Bentley, Attorney General of Ontario. The man who thinks that five thugs brutalizing a young, unresisting Black woman in an Ottawa police lockup warrants charging the victim with assault.

Alex Hundert is in jail. The pigs—there is really no other word that fits—who beat and sexually assaulted Stacy Bonds are free, on full salary, facing no charges. All but one of them are apparently still out and about, serving and protecting, and they’re all looking forward to a hug and a kiss from the Ontario Special Exonerations Investigations Unit, who just did the same for a number of G20 goons.

A judicial system, like a fish, rots from the head. The odour of decay in Ontario has become overpowering.

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