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Great Day! Another mudfish beached

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First it was Ezra Levant, presently on the hook for damages to Giacomo Vigna.

Now, in part thanks to the Vigna judgement, it’s Patrick “Patsy” Ross, by his own admission “The Nexus of Assholery.”

After a vicious and protracted serial defamation of Robert Day, better known to many as the Canadian Cynic, Patrick Ross has collided full-tilt boogie with justice and been left in a bloodied heap. A potentially lengthy process of litigation was helpfully truncated by the aforesaid Ross, who simply refused to take the Notice of Libel and Statement of Claim seriously.

A ripe example of Patrick Ross’ huffing and puffing:

[N]ot only will I quite happily defend it — in fact, I look forward to putting [Rob] on a witness stand… — but I especially look forward to making his big bad lawyer cry.

And then he failed even to submit a Statement of Defence.

Now Patrick Ross learns the consequences of his public malice:

$75,000 in damages.

Plus $10,000 costs.

Plus removal of all mention of Rob, or anything that relates to Rob, from Patrick Ross’ wretched excuse for a blog.

Day v.jpg

Somewhere angels are guzzling ambrosia. Elsewhere devils are weeping into their hissing lake of brimstone.

And a particularly revolting mudfish has discovered the meaning of karma.

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