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A few bits and snippets to depress and inform readers on another fair November day.

The Librocons cut an extra-Parliamentary deal on Afghanistan, and don't be fooled by all the "non-combat" malarkey. Warren the K has a good piece up on this, and buried in the comments is a reference that may (as it does in the case of the bloodstained Colombian free trade agreement) explain pretty much everything.

The Harper government makes more aboriginal women disappear. Now, from the excellent Alison, we have an update on the story behind the Tory blacklisting of Sisters in Spirit. As for the government's late-in-the-day "endorsement" of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, it turns out to be just more smoke and mirrors.

Item: William "Bubbles" Elliott praises the RCMP for their "restraint" during the Toronto G20 meetings. Hell, it's not like they Tasered anyone to death, laughed at a dying man in one of their prisons, Tasered another man in his hospital bed or pepper-sprayed a baby. Concerned citizens must ask: are the Mounties going soft?

Item: And while on the subject, here's a statistic: one person dies in custody or at the hands of police every three weeks in sunny BC.

Item: There may be no truth to the rumour that Montreal's bereaved Rizzuto family is outraged at being compared to Liberals by ADQ leader Gerard Deltell.

Now it's off to do leaf-raking before the snow falls.

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