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Trach this man down

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I guess I'm suddenly in a law and order mood, but what the heck--I believe in sharing.

A man with more than 30 criminal convictions was granted a day pass while serving a five-year sentence for forcible confinement, sexual assault and fraud. He had taken staff hostage in a restaurant after refusing to pay for his meal.

He walked away. Surprised?

So now there's a national alert out for Mohammed Shaleem Gafoor. And then the story veers into surrealism:

Gafoor is described as non-white, five-foot-eight, 130 pounds, with short black hair, brown eyes and glasses. He has a tracheotomy scar on his neck and another on his abdomen. He was last seen wearing a trench coat and smelled strongly of cologne.

Anyone who sees Gafoor is advised to not approach him and call 911 right away.

Especially, I guess, if you prefer a scent-free environment. But if we obey the caution, how do we get to see that tracheotomy scar on his tummy?

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