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Another slobbering threat

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…from the numpties at Free Dominion, apparently in response to my brief mention of their nominated Person of the Year:

First John Baglow’s buddies at the ARC website engaged in an orchestrated intimidation campaign against one of our witnesses for the purpose of effecting (sic) the outcome of an ongoing civil trial. Now John Baglow is trying to intimidate our lawyer.

John Baglow has been maliciously attacking us for years with the intent to do harm. We have it all documented and John Baglow’s day in court is coming at the time of our choosing. We’re going to clean out the entire nest of censorship vipers.

Grrrr! Almost as scary as this email communication from Mark Fournier’s equally thick wife, Connie:

I won’t be filing a statement of claim. There are other less expensive and more effective ways of dealing with anonymous internet liars.

Best read aloud, as I said at the time, in a faux-Gestapo accent.

Happy New Year, Mark, you fierce old dog, you.

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