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RCMP at work - part ??

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I don’t know what number this is in regards to the RCMP screw-ups over the past year, but at least this one does not seem to involve anyone getting injured. My wife is from a very small community in Newfoundland and quite close to where she grew up there was a stand off over the last week. Leo (he was my wife’s second cousin or something so I can call him by his first name) ended up barricaded inside his house in the community of Bay Bull’s.

Apparently Leo had a history of mental trouble so this did not surprise anyone in particular, that is not to say the situation was safe, just somewhat expected. Enter the RCMP. They surrounded Leo’s house, blocked off the roads near by and closed a number of important businesses in the town (i.e. the main/only grocery store). Through the last week they used various means to communicate with Leo - telephone, letters, megaphone. They even sent in a robot to deliver a message to him. In his mental condition who knows what he thought the robot was, but apparently he shot at it anyway.

Over the week the RCMP tried various tactics to force him to leave the house. This culminated on Friday when they began to flood his house with water. After the flooding they apparently stormed the house with concussion grenades only to find it empty. Leo had slipped out of the house, walked away and hitchhiked out to a town about 20 miles away. At this point someone called the police who arrived and took him into custody with no problems.

The RCMP is saying that while they have no clue how he could have slipped past the “red zone”, around the roadblocks and then out the highway, the water was responsible for forcing him out. I have it on good authority that in fact, after the week, he had run out of cigarettes.

An investigation is now being conducted.

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