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Speech Warrior™ hypocrisy once again revealed

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Academic freedom? Forget it! Critical of Israel and its supporters in an MA thesis? Bring on an investigation!

So says Richard Klagsbrun, who publishes a poor excuse for a blog called “Eye On A Crazy Planet,” and got himself a spot in the National Post to spew his hatred. Free speech for everyone—except for…except for…

Read Jennifer Peto’s thesis for yourself—the one that shrill nutbar Israel-right-or-wrong lobbyists want thrown on a bonfire, along with its author.

The gross intellectual dishonesty on display from the aforementioned lobby is frankly staggering. How dare Peto claim that Jews as a group are successful? Why, that’s tantamount to saying they control the world! Did she get approval for her “hate thesis” honestly? It should have been rejected!

May we finally put to rest the quaint notion that Speech Warriors™ mean what they say?

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