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"Turuturu Māori" founder still behind bars

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(London, December 14) DawgNews has learned that a New Zealand national, Jack Timaru, has been granted bail in Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, after being apprehended on a Norwegian warrant for “self-abuse in a public place.” While details of the charge remain sketchy, it appears that two witnesses observed what one described as a “lewd, immoral act” after climbing a ladder and peering into Timaru’s upstairs bedroom in Groruddalen, a suburb of Oslo, where he was staying with friends.

After philanthropist George Soros put up the required USD $1 billion for bail, and a guest house in nearby Onchan agreed to rent Timaru a room, a deemster ordered his release on bond pending the outcome of extradition proceedings. But Norway has now objected, and Timaru remains in jail pending a hearing of the objection.

Earlier, Interpol issued a “Red Notice,” or international wanted persons alert, to aid in the capture of Timaru. A US State Department spokesman stated that it was “just a coincidence” that Timaru, an avid computer hacker and founder of a site called Turuturu Māori (MaoriLeaks), had released documents relating to a planned integration of Canada and the United States, presently under discussion behind closed doors.

Asked to clarify the situation after the documents were released onto the Internet, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to comment directly. “This is a Norwegian matter,” he stated. “We are certain that Mr. Timaru will receive a fair trial.”

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