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The KAIROS defunding mystery deepens. Or does it?

Limousine Conservative Bev Oda swears up and down that she didn’t alter a memo from senior CIDA staff that warmly recommended continued funding. But the decision to cut off the respected international organization, she stoutly maintains, was justified.

I don’t believe her. Neither should anyone with two neurons to rub together.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Milliken, is now seized of the matter.

Frank Valeriote and John McKay rose in the House on Monday on a point of privilege, asking Milliken to find the Minister for CIDA in contempt of Parliament. In their considered view, the Minister knowingly misled the House.

Read the entire sorry account for yourself here.

A new Con scandal in the making—an early Christmas present for some of us, a lump of coal for others. Stay tuned.

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