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Aflockalypse now?

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Bees do it, birds do it, fish in rivers and the seas do it. Not to mention crabs in Kent. Dying, that is—falling from the air, crashing into houses, washing up on shore. We’re getting everything, it seems, but a rain of frogs.

Is this “global phenomenon” simply a case of apophenia, amplified by lightspeed international communications? Or is the end of the world at hand?

The word “aflockalypse,” coined by WaPo columnist Melissa Bell, has just over 4,000 Google entries at present, a mere handful, but watch for this to “trend.” Debunkers are legion, of course, although the suggested reasons for the “phenomenon” are equally so.

Along the way, at least one journo has discovered some basic principles of geometry:

A map of the Southeastern United States shows that you can draw almost a straight line between the two towns.

Reader “forgottobuytinfoil” is particularly amused, as am I, that the reporter required the authority of a map to make that statement.

Readers are encouraged to submit sightings of dead things in groups of ten or more. Let’s crowd-source this thing to the limit. But do watch out for falling frogs.

[Multiple h/ts reader forgottobuytinfoil, b/c]

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