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Sunshine Ski Village: overcast in Banff

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Like the making of sausages and policy, the running of tourist facilities is something that is possibly best kept a close secret. But every now and then, the secret will out.

Sunshine Ski Village in Banff is a classic case of an owner run amok. His son was apparently caught skiing in a closed area by his ski patrollers. Result (you knew this already)—fire the pesky ski patrollers. And if others protest, why, keep firing, as it were.

The knob running the place—one Ralph Scurfield—seems to have shot himself in the foot, though. Only three of his twelve ski lifts are presently operating. He’s facing an unfair dismissal lawsuit. And he’s had to bring in a new manager, who faces an uphill climb (sorry). I wish him (the manager, that is) the best of British luck.

A perfect storm. A mini-Mubarak protecting his family from the people he hired to maintain health and safety on the slopes. The virtual shut-down of his enterprise in consequence. And a lot of tourists, I suspect, rubbing their eyes and wondering what century they’ve blundered into.

Meanwhile a Facebook group is calling for a boycott. I like it.

H/t reader Traci Baker

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