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Warblogging Wednesday

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War on the people. Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi declares war on Libya. Casualties mount, but the people are winning. Meanwhile, the ugly truth about Lockerbie may finally be emerging.

War on unions. Wisconsin’s lying governor Scott Walker is point man for the right-to-work crowd, funded by the infamous Koch brothers. The good fight is being fought, but is it enough? Meanwhile in Ontario, Dalton McGuinty offers a lame “me too.”

War on minorities. Ethnic cleansing of Bedouins in the South Negev continues, their villages repeatedly bulldozed to make way for trees and 250,000 Jewish residents. Homeless villagers are forced to fend for themselves as Israeli forces prevent the Red Cross from delivering humanitarian aid. “We found a snake inside the cave, we had to kill it before we slept.”

War on data. Whether it’s the long-form census or climate research, Stephen Harper continues to resist science. Why fuss with facts when you can rule by fear and secrecy?

War on communities. Small-town politics in the nation’s capital: the City of Ottawa wants to pave parks and disrupt communities to build a four-lane Alta Vista Expressway that will choke the centre of the city with more cars than ever. The environmental assessment was done by a firm that stands to get the contract.

Wool is being hastily pulled over a lot of eyes at City Council. In the current budget is a proposal for a $55 million expenditure—$200 per taxpayer—to build a 1.2 kilometre stretch of road, supposedly to solve traffic problems at the General Hospital. But it’s a key part of the planned Expressway, the thin edge of the proverbial wedge. There’s a petition: sign!

War on Islamophobia. Richard Warman makes the criminal case against Fitna.


War on Tamils. Jason Kenney is going to keep those brownskins in jail, and never mind what the courts say. The law is for the ruled, not the rulers. At least he hasn’t (yet) called for the mass murder of Tamil refugees—unlike a national conservative newspaper chain. [H/t Hill Queeries]

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