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My Access to Information request for the Minutes of that infamous January 2010 meeting of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development has been answered.

I received: draft Minutes of the January 7-8 meeting, immediately after which the then-President, Rémy Beauregard, died in his sleep; and the Minutes of a subsequent January meeting held on the 22nd, to finish off the business of the first meeting.

The January 7-8 meeting is the one of obvious interest to those who have been following the sad descent of Rights & Democracy for the last year or so. But that one is almost entirely redacted. You can find out more about what went on there from three fired senior managers via Paul Wells over at Maclean’s (scroll down about 2/3 of the way).

We aren’t dealing here with national security, as I pointed out in my prompt complaint to the Information Commissioner. What we do appear to be encountering is yet more of that “transparency” used in the Humpty-Dumpty sense of the word by the Gang of Seven, who have been running the Board of R&D into the ground since Beauregard passed away.

But pay attention also to this managerial detail: the January 7-8 Minutes are still in draft form well over a year afterwards. What on earth kind of a way is this for a taxpayer-funded agency to manage its affairs? Is it merely a matter of incompetence, or does R&D have something to hide? Personally, I’m going for an each-way bet.

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