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Stacy Bonds case: Ottawa police officer charged

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Amazing what a public spotlight will do:

The Special Investigations Unit issued a press release today, which stated that Sgt. Steven Desjourdy of the Ottawa Police Service had been charged with sexual assault contrary to section 271 of the Criminal Code.

According to an Ottawa Police Services press release, Desjourdy will remain assigned to administrative duties.

Happy? Not I.

There were four officers involved, one of whom, Special Constable Melanie Morris, can be clearly seen roughing up Bonds in the video of the event (see below). Why have not all of the officers involved in this gang attack been charged, if not with sexual assault, at least with assault and battery and/or related offences?

Why have the Crown Attorneys who were involved in needlessly bringing this case to trial not been disciplined for abuse of process? Why has the Attorney General for Ontario not been held to account?

And last but not least, under our antiquated Ontario Police Services Act, (section 89[1]), Desjourdy continues to draw full pay. Sweet.

Of course, Desjourdy had not had his trial, and not been convicted. So until then, we’ll just have to believe our lying eyes:

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