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Election 2011: learning politics the hard way

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Readers are all-too-familiar by now with nineteen-year-old political newbie Awish Aslam’s fate at the hands of a Tory goon—or was it an RCMP officer?—in London.

Her first taste of politics.

Here’s her second. Tarek Fatah, the Islamophobes’ favourite Muslim, has not only jumped the shark but apparently landed on his head:

Hijabi liberal runs into Tory security at Harper’s London Rally. Awish Aslam, an Ignatieff supporter* tried to sneak in as a Conservative.

That’ll teach her. But maybe not the lesson we might have preferred.

* Gosh—isn’t that (Facebook page, upper left) a photo of her with Jack Layton, too? Coalition!!

[H/t You Stay Classy, via Twitter]

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