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Imagine there’s no Harper
It’s easy if you vote
Let’s take in desp’rate Tamils
And put him on the boat
Imagine all the voters
Living for E-day

Imagine there’s no Tories
It’s an easy thought
No contempt of process,
And proroguing ^NOT
Imagine Harper’s Senators
Looking for a job

You may say that I’m a Dipper
But I just want a reprieve:
Will Iggy’s Liberals join us?
(Now that’s a dream I can’t believe)

Imagine no new prisons,
No brutal boyz in blue,
And no one booting students
Out of rallies too
Imagine all Canadians
Showing Steve the door

You may say that I’m a Dipper
But I’m not the only one
If you’ve had enough, come join us
Let’s make Canada our home again

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