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If you’re going to do a smear-job on the NDP, could you try not to be so obvious about your sources?

Readers who follow the links will note quite a few similarities. Let’s just say the MacKinnon story was, uh, heavily influenced.

This “missing constitution” non-issue is a year old, but never too late for a failing Liberal candidate to trot out:

Ben Levine - Liberal Candidate for Prince George Peace River Talk about hidden agendas, the NDP don’t display their constitution on their website! Who are they accountable to? Unions the the “global collective”, that’s who!

Good grief, is this all the third party’s got? And their hacks in the Fourth Estate?

Hands up all those who have ever read the Liberal or any other party constitution. Is the structure of their riding associations the key issue in this campaign? How their leader is chosen? The powers of the Secretary-Treasurer?

Let’s have the terms and conditions of Leslie MacKinnon’s contract with the publicly-owned CBC. It’s nowhere on the CBC website. What are they trying to hide?

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