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NDP: smashing the Matrix

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Is the corporate media Matrix losing its grip on the minds of Canadian electors?

You know the usual merry pundit (and Liberal) refrain: the NDP will never form a government because it will never get enough support. And so, therefore, you shouldn’t support them.

This is, of course, the so-called “prisoner’s dilemma” writ large. In the past, potential NDP voters have chosen the classic “defect” option, on the assumption that others will defect as well.

Not any more.

The polls are now consistent over time: the NDP is surging, possibly even in second place, and it’s not losing momentum. Prisoners no longer, Canadian electors are learning that, even under the antiquated, undemocratic “first past the post” electoral system, their votes may well count after all.

So the political guns are now trained on Jack Layton. The Cons came out immediately with a blizzard of lies. But some journos aren’t swallowing it:

[Ottawa-Centre NDP candidate Paul] argues, and appears to be correct in saying that the first reference attributed to a book by Brian Topp, the party’s former campaign director, is baseless, that the second reference taken from a newspaper article actually suggests the Bloc leader “cast himself” as the so-called “driving force” behind the failed coalition and finally, that Layton has long been up front about his willingness to work with other parties to “get results for Canadian families.

And now the Liberals are running their own silly attack ads. What will all the pious Ignatioids, who accused the NDP of wrecking and splitting scant days ago, make of that, I wonder?

The NDP juggernaut is sweeping on, crushing smug assumptions and leaving a trail of bruised pundits’ egos in its wake. Canadians are taking the red pill at last—and there’s not a damned thing the usual media suspects can do about it.

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