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Neo-Nazi psychopath working on Conservative campaign?

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The only thing that shocks me is…the shock.

After all, this sort of thing goes right back to the Preston Manning days:

The next month, on June 12, 1991, the Reform Party of Canada held a massive rally in Mississauga, Ontario. The event, which drew some 6,000 people to hear Preston Manning, marked the first high profile event for the security group directed by Droege’s employer, Alan Overfield. During the June Mississauga rally, Grant Bristow served as an escort/bodyguard for Preston Manning, at the direction of Al Overfield and Wolfgang Droege.

The security group impressed some local Reform organizers who attended the event and they drew upon the group’s free services to protect other meetings until January 1992. Details about the security group and the Reform Party of Canada are provided in chapter VII (7.5).

On June 13, 1991, several Heritage Front members attended a meeting of Paul Fromm’s Canadians for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR) where Overfield from the Reform Party set up a table to sign people up for the Party. The dates on the membership forms for Droege, Polinuk, Dawson and Mitrevski, however, show that they had joined the Party before that meeting.

On June 19, 1991, Droege’s racist agenda was profiled in a “Toronto Star” article. He stated then that “Preston Manning has given us some hope.”

Strange bedfellows? Or just bedfellows?

UPDATE: Anti-Racist Canada has a revised take on the individual in question. I’m sceptical, but they’re good folks, and you should read what they have to say.

UPDATE: (April 27) And our Conservative volunteer, outed by the good people at Anti-Racist Action, is given the boot.

[H/t ARC]

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