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Racist Republicans

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Yeah, I know. Hardly news. Tautological. But our worthy opponents, innocently or disingenuously, keep asking us for proof.

OK, how about making interracial marriage a crime once again?

Almost half of Mississippi’s Republicans are in favour.

Those were the good old days of unabashed legally entrenched racism. No dogwhistles back then—more like foghorns. And the Republican good old boys are waxing nostalgic.

The linked article is worth reading, however, for quite a different reason. The author demonstrates that conservative hypocrisy has a fairly lengthy pedigree:

[F]ederal power is horrific tyranny when it stops them from doing something they want to do. But when it stops other people from doing something they don’t want them to do (helping slaves escape, marrying people of different races), they seem to have little problem with it.

One might add abortion to the current list. And union-busting. Plus ├ža change

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