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The Jewish Defence League is chasing rainbows again. No surprise there, from Canada’s chief ally of the fascist English Defence League.

The JDL appears, in fact, to have switched sides. From an old post of mine:

And then there were the homosexuals. The ones who wore the pink triangles in the death camps, after being offered a choice of castration or imprisonment. The ones subjected to hideous medical experiments. The ones deemed illegal under the infamous Paragraph 175 of the Nazi penal code—a provision that stayed in force in West Germany until 1969. The ones, some of whom, after liberation, were forced to serve out their prison sentences for homsexuality under the Allied Military Government of Germany.

Homosexuals, too, were Holocaust victims.

Now we see the same homophobia that killed, maimed and tortured homosexuals under the Third Reich on display once again.

But the Toronto-based Queers Against Israeli Apartheid have pulled out of this year’s Pride paradevery smooth strategic move, QuAIA, no excuses left for the de-funders now. We’ll soon see how far the sickness has spread into Toronto City Hall.

And whether the haters will be back at the Pride offices next week.

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