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Dirty oil and dirty tricks

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Better hunker down and get even more used to it: the Harper government™, despite all the “transparency” guff our PM spouted before he was first elected in 2006 and since, remains fully committed to furthering its agenda under the radar.

This, some will say, is old news, both domestically and abroad. And so it is. But the cover-ups are becoming more brazen by the day.

Today we learn about what can only be called deliberate deception by the government in its environmental reporting to the United Nations: leaving out vital information about the Alberta tar sands and the massive and escalating pollution its development has been causing.

Fact, one worth framing: the development of this so-called “ethical oil” produces more greenhouse gases every year that all of the automobiles on the road in the entire country.

Fact: there has been a 20% rise in pollution from this dirty oil source in a single year—2008-2009.

Fact: Alberta’s dirty oil industry has produced a 300% increase in greenhouse gases since 1990.

Environment Canada was obviously ordered to hide this information from the UN, and obediently did so. But the cat’s out of the bag now, for all the difference it will make.

Alberta’s dirty oil will continue to be produced, befouling the planet’s environment. There are no voters to speak of in the rest of the world, and 40% of the voters here in Canada have already spoken.

Never mind: at this point we have no international reputation to lose. We look like yokels on the world stage already*: this is just one more forkful of hay.

Yee-haw! Hang on, folks: it’s going to be one bumpy ride on the wagon for the next four years.

* If you believe the subsequent denials by that serviceable rogue Dimitri Soudas, I have some waterfront property in Florida to sell you, cheap. Who took the “plausible” out of “plausible deniability?”

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