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Con candidate mocks autism

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That would be James Moore, long-time Conservative MP from the BC riding of Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam.

Autism, he claims, is “not a disability.” Autistic people, he maintains, are just a “special interest group.”

In other words, they’re faking it.

This egregious quack is no backbencher. He’s a Harper Cabinet Minister. He’s in charge of Canadian heritage and official languages.

No wonder they keep these creatures away from all-candidates meetings.

A vote for the Cons is a vote for ignorance—anti-long form census, creationist ignorance. And in this case, it’s an ignorance so profound and impermeable that even an armour-piercing bullet would bounce off it.

You have a choice. Vote, already, and bring your friends. We cannot, we must not, be governed by such people any longer. Or we’re just as stupid as they are.

[H/t Co2 Art]

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