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Day of Action for Electoral Reform

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Prop Rep vs FPtP.jpg

FPtP vs the popular vote.

All the important social movements of the last century - rights for minorities, women, LGBT, children, POWs, FN, workers, differently abled, the environment - all of them were or continue to be actively suppressed by our governments, who only jump into the front of the parade after massive outside pressure. Voters rights won’t be any different.

National Day of Action for Electoral Reform

Saturday May 14 - All demos at 2pm except Toronto at 3pm

Montreal — Berri Sq.

Ottawa — Wellington & Elgin - CHANGED

Vancouver — Vancouver Central Library - CHANGED

Toronto — Queen’s Park

Calgary — Harry Hays Building

Halifax — Province House

Charlottetown — Province House

Kelowna — The Sails, Central Park

Whitehorse — Elijah Smith Building

St. John’s — Colonial Building, Military Rd

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