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Ezra Levant's pockets are lighter

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…since he just paid off a substantial libel award following a successful action brought against him by Giacomo Vigna.

Makes me feel positively serene about the proper unfolding of the universe—the word, incidentally, is used regularly in Italian (“sereno”), although, typically, Ezra and his entourage mocked Vigna’s use of it.

This one’s for Ezra—and Giacomo:

Ogni giorno farò il possibile per sopravvivere in mezzo al frastuono
ed ogni giorno vivrò un po’ meglio
sapendo che oltre le nubi il sereno c’è
oltre le nubi è più sereno
e forse sono anch’io più sereno
oltre le nubi è più sereno
sono più sereno

[Every day I do my best to survive amid the noise/ And every day I’ll live a little better/ Knowing that beyond the clouds it is serene/ Beyond the clouds it’s more serene/ And perhaps even I am more serene/ Beyond the clouds it’s more serene/ I am more serene/ Serene]

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