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Now you know why I am an engineer.

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If anyone was following my predictions you know that I was very very wrong. Sackcloth and ashes and all that. Good thing that I build bridges better than I predict elections (or so I say ;-) ).

I don’t necessarily like it, but Prime Minister Harper received a clear majority and we will see what he does in four years. The NDP was a winner and I congratulate Mr. Layton for his wins. He ran a good campaign. As for the Liberal Party, while they may not think it right now, I suspect this will probably be best for them in the long run. The series of elections we have been through was draining on them and now they have a couple of years to get everything in order and begin again.

As for me, I consider myself banished back to blogging about climate. Hopefully my predictions do better there! The thread is open for comments on this election.

UPDATE: Of course I forgot to give kudos to Ms. May. The press is making news of the Green vote being down, but I suspect support bled to the NDP and it will be back. At least with Ms. May we may get some environmental sense in the commons. Probably not, but I can hope.

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